Wooden tables and chairs not only create luxurious beauty for the house but also affirm the class of the homeowner. This is also the main reason why the use of wooden products is increasingly popular with families and businesses.

With many years in the profession, Truong Vinh  has perfected  a  professional and modern production process ; Closed glass, ensuring products reach customers of the highest quality and aesthetics.

How is this procedure done? Let’s find out with Truong Vinh!

Production process

Step 1: Receive Contract

  • Production planning 
    • Receive drawings from the design department or customers.
    • Evaluate and provide reasonable feedback to adjust drawings to suit the specifications and dimensions of the drawing board
    • Unify drawings with customers
    • Production planning
  • Statistics of raw materials
    • Based on production drawings to estimate supplies and materials needed for shipment
    • Evaluate and classify each group of materials for each different product
    • It is necessary to choose the most suitable types of wood for the product requirements being prepared for production
    • The wood selected is free from insects, cracks, warping, etc., and must have sufficient documentation of forest product origin.
    • Proposal to import Raw Materials
  • Import raw materials
    • Select supplier
    • Plan to import raw materials
    • Proceed to order
(Contract reception)

Step 2: Pre-processing

  • Out embryo
    • Determine the specific type of wood material for each product of the order
    • Receive wood materials, classify and evaluate each product type
    • Properly cut the workpiece according to the standard standards of each product detail
  • Select embryos
    • Check each workpiece specification
    • Sort by product
  • Tham rolled
    • Check each workpiece specification
    • Sort by product
  • Check goods
    • Check each workpiece specification
    • Sort by product
(Product processing)

Step 3: Shape the Product

  • Detailed parasol
    • According to the structural requirements of each product of the order
  • Milling and copying tubi 
    • According to the structural requirements of each product of the order
  • Create connecting tenons
    • According to the structural requirements of each product of the order
  • Drill chisel
    • According to the structural requirements of each product of the order
(Product shaping)

Step 4: Assembly

  • Assemble the product frame
    • Assemble product details according to drawings and specific structures of each order,
  • Sand the barrel
    • Clean the surface and details of each product
  • Check goods
    • Assemble a sample of a finished product
    • Check the connecting tenons 
(Product assembly)

Step 5: Sanding

  • Sanding
    • Clean the surface and details of each product
  • Product handling
    • Fill gaps in the product
  • Check goods
    • Check the smoothness and cleanliness of each product detail
(cleaning product)

Step 6: Clean Oil & Paint

  • Wipe off the oil
    • Mix colors according to the sample color of the order
    • Dip the product into the oil tank
    • Pick up products on shelves
    • Drain and use a cloth to wipe the entire product
  • Spray paint
    • Tinting
    • Spray color evenly on all surfaces of the product
  • Check goods
    • Check the color uniformity of all details of each product
(Oil cleaning - Product painting)

Step 7: Finishing & Packaging

  • Wipe with preservative oil
    • Use a cloth dipped in preservative oil and wipe directly on each product.
  • Pack
    • Arrange the division of each product
    • Packed according to order requirements
  • Check goods
    • Check the printing of packaging, labels, sizes, according to order requirements
    • Packed with all details, accessories, HDLR,
(Complete product packaging)

Step 8: Close the container & Delivery

  • Close cont
    • Check the correct quantity of goods according to the order
    • Arrange and divide the quantity of each product according to the order.
  • Product delivery
    • Delivery, according to the order’s delivery schedule
(Contact packing & delivery)

Above are the 8 steps of the wooden furniture production process at Truong Vinh. The above information will be useful information for customers. If you need to produce wooden furniture or find a partner, you can contact Truong Vinh using the information below or you can call 0251 3756 425 for timely advice and support. 



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