We specialize in manufacturing and exporting custom-made wooden products.

About Us

Truong Vinh is a reputable business in the field of producing wooden furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, and more. Over time, we have continuously solidified our position and brand in the market while earning the trust of our customers. Our products currently appear in numerous large projects with high volumes of orders. We ensure on-time delivery, meeting the requested designs, and always listen to our customers’ feedback to improve our services. We appreciate the opportunity to share our products with your company, and we hope you will consider us as a choice for your furniture needs. We look forward to building a new and loyal relationship with your organization.


With the current development trend of the economy, the demand and standard of living for people are increasing. Thus, decorating and improving homes, offices, showrooms, etc. is an indispensable need for you. Let Truong Vinh serve you to realize unique and creative ideas based on a cultural value platform for products and services. Our products include: wooden chairs combined with iron, cushions, natural and artificial wicker, woven mats, etc. We also produce outdoor and indoor wooden furniture.

"You should choose us."


Best quality at a reasonable price to meet the needs of customers


Put dedication into every stage of production to complete the product perfectly.

Make reforms.

Update interior design trends, innovate styles, invest in specialized equipment and machinery.


With a scale of over 300 members, ready to assist, and create conditions to improve together.

Collaborative Development

Respect your partners, strive for long-term, sustainable cooperation.

Community Responsibility

Truong Vinh commits to becoming a responsible entity for both society and the environment.


Sustainable partner


Product samples


Skilled workers





High quality products, thoroughly inspected before being warehoused for delivery, diverse designs according to each customer’s request





Committed to using ingredients with clear origins, perfect service at reasonable prices.




Delivery on time, according to the order’s delivery schedule, is always for the benefit of customers.


Long-Term  Technical Support 

Customers coming to Truong Vinh receive long-term technical support, ensuring you always have peace of mind.

Community responsibility.

Our priority is to provide high-quality products and excellent services, and to ensure maximum benefits for our customers. We always strive to accompany our customers in their success and contribute to the development of the industry and the community. We understand that your time is valuable, and building a suitable living space is an important decision. Therefore, we always do our best for our customers and listen to their feedback to improve their living space.



Truong Vinh Company Limited

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